About Us

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Cosmic Creations (2022) is a group of acrylic works that are fun, thought provoking, and energizing. The colors and patterns in the paintings are inspired by the cosmos, and include the Thought Monsterz™ subjects that could only be a cosmic creation and includes the artist’s interpretations of planets, stars and galaxies.

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Overall, the series invites viewers to feel like each piece of artwork as a unique exploration of color and form that inspires them to see our world in a new way. The paintings are meant to be a celebration of life and love and all of its energy, and the words in each exhibition piece are used to offset the current state of world events and highlights that life can still be fun and positive.


I hope that my exhibition will help people reconnect with the universe, themselves and other humans and invoke a sense of wonder and awe that inspires them to explore all the possibilities the universe has to offer. I want people to feel invigorated and alive when they see my paintings, and I hope that they will reflect on their lives and move past a mindset of the “pre-determinism” of social constructs and see that life is simply a creation of our own making and that tuning into the universe and love will reveal our true collective power to create our own reality and inspire them to manifest their own cosmic creations.

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