Rowena (they/she) is an artist based in Nebraska. She was born and raised in the West Indies but is currently located in Bellevue, Nebraska which she calls home after being in Nebraska for over 20 years.

Rowena is an artist, designer, writer and owner of Queerarchy LLC, a small business focused on inspiring positivity and self-love while advocating and affirming gender expression and gender identity and the use of pronouns. 

She is well known for her bright and vibrant art and the fun names she comes up with for her art collections like her Flowerspheres™ series and and Whimsical Women™ as well as her cute kawaii-style characters - Pinapel and Friends™. Her latest series is called Thought Monsterz™. Rowena understands that dealing with feelings can be downright scary as she suffered from crippling depression and anxiety for many years which meant for them several hospital and clinic treatments.  We make our emotions scary instead of embracing them and understanding that they are our guidance system. My Thought Monsterz series gives you positive messages with not so scary monsters, in hopes of encouraging you to embrace and recognize emotions and know that they are always ultimately leading you to your greatest good and happiness.

"I once received an award for being a creative ignitor. I have held on to that award because I feel that my art ignites others. I feel it encourages them to listen and learn to dance to their own rhythm of the universe. " - Rowena

Rowena has always loved art, even as a young girl she loved to doodle and draw. With the help and support of their loved ones and supporters and her "never give up" attitude, their artistic skills have blossomed and she continues on her artistic journey which she refers to as "dancing to the rhythm of the universe", free to be whatever she can imagine.

Rowena is married a wonderful partner in life ANG. They have two kids, a dog, and a cat, who is the queen of our home.  

Rowena's VISION is to create a space to live a HAPPY LIFE, being thier most authentic self and doing what she loves. You can connect with Rowena on INSTAGRAM, TIKTOK, FACEBOOKLINKEDIN, and TWITTER.