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Introducing Irene by Rowena Cage(they/them): a luxurious Giclee print from the exclusive  Van Gogh's Understudy: A Modern Ode to Timeless Artistry collection. This double matted 20"x20" artwork comes beautifully framed in a black 25'x25’ wooden frame. Elevate your space with this sophisticated and tasteful piece of art.

Available for purchase exclusively at the Nebraska Furniture Mart gallery display located at 700 S 72nd St, Omaha, NE 68114 

Included with each print: Certificate of authenticity and The Story of Anna, a short story written by Rowena.

Prints are limited edition and are numbered, titled and signed  at the bottom of each print. 25 prints will be available for purchase.

Printed at local Omaha printing company Photograhics Imaging. 

Framed at local Omaha woman-owned framing shop Malibu Custom Framing.

The Story of Irene

In the heart of the bustling Staunton, Virginia, amidst a world of change and challenge, was born Irene, a radiant soul with a heart as vast as the sky. Born on February 24, 1880, she was the second of three children, nestled between her twin sister and a protective brother. From her earliest days in their small but lively home, Irene's laughter was a melody that danced through every room filling it with joy and hope. 

Irene's life was deeply rooted in her community, particularly the church that stood as a proud, welcoming beacon in her neighborhood. As a young girl, she found solace and strength in the hymns and teachings, and as she grew, so did her involvement. By her late teens, Irene wasn't just attending Sunday school but leading it, her voice resonating with passion and wisdom beyond her years. Her dedication didn't go unnoticed, and soon, she was elected president of the Sunday school board, a role she accepted with both pride and humility. 

Education for Irene was not just a path but a calling. She attended the local public school, where her keen mind and insatiable thirst for knowledge set her apart. She was an inspiration to her classmates, always the first to lend a hand or a word of encouragement. Her journey didn't stop at the school's doors; Irene's dream led her to pursue and earn a teaching certificate, a testament to her dedication and a stepping stone to her future. 

With certificate in hand, Irene turned her gaze to the wider world, eager to spread knowledge and light. She became a teacher, a role that suited her as perfectly as the sun suits the sky. In her classroom, children of all backgrounds found a safe haven, a place where they were encouraged to grow, dream, and be themselves. Irene's legacy wasn't just in the lessons she taught but in the lives she touched, a legacy of love, learning, and unwavering faith in the power of education to change the world.

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