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Introducing Priscilla, a captivating Giclee print from the Van Gogh's Understudy: A Modern Ode to Timeless Artistry collection by Rowena Cage (they/them). The intricate double matting and elegant black wooden frame elevate this 20"x20" artwork to a stunning 25"x25" piece. Bring home the beauty and emotion of this stunning masterpiece today!

Available for purchase exclusively at the Nebraska Furniture Mart gallery display located at 700 S 72nd St, Omaha, NE 68114 

Included with each print: Certificate of authenticity and The Story of Pricilla, a short story written by Rowena.

Prints are limited edition and are numbered, titled and signed  at the bottom of each print. 25 prints will be available for purchase.

Printed at local Omaha printing company Photograhics Imaging. 

Framed at local Omaha woman-owned framing shop Malibu Custom Framing.

The Story of Priscilla

In a time when the world was slowly awakening to the power of knowledge and the rights of all, Priscilla was a symbol of hope and determination. Born into a family that valued education above all, she was blessed with private tutors and attended the best Colored Public Schools available. Her thirst for knowledge was unquenchable, and it led her to the halls of a local prestigious university, a rare achievement for a Black woman of her era. There, she delved into the world of literature and science, her mind expanding with every page turned and every lecture attended. 

After university, Priscilla found her calling in the noble profession of teaching. She started as a governess, sharing her knowledge with young minds, before stepping into the world of journalism. Her articles, brimming with insight and eloquence, quickly gained recognition, making her a well respected voice in the community. It wasn't long before she was not just teaching in classrooms but also contributing to the advancement of education on the Colored School Board. Her dedication led her to teach at a local Colored School, where she inspired countless students with her passion and wisdom. 

Beyond the walls of schools and newsrooms, Priscilla's soul sang in verses and prose. Her poetry, a vivid tapestry of her experiences and dreams, resonated deeply with the members of the Colored Women's Clubs. Recognizing her talent and the power of her words, they named her their poet laureate. Through her poetry, Priscilla wove stories of struggle, triumph, and hope, stories that echoed in the hearts of many. 

Priscilla's personal life was a blend of joy and sorrow. She found love and married, and the couple was blessed with three children. However, fate's harsh hand took two of them in infancy, leaving a void that was never fully filled. The surviving child became the center of Priscilla's world, a living testament to her strength and love. In search of a better future, Priscilla and her family relocated quite frequently, carrying with them the memories of the past and the hopes for tomorrow. Wherever she went, Priscilla continued to teach, write, and inspire, leaving an indelible mark on the world, a legacy of resilience, intellect, and unshakable spirit.

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