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Sarah Ellen

Sarah Ellen

Introducing Sara Ellen, a stunning addition from the Van Gogh's Understudy: A Modern Ode to Timeless Artistry Collection by Rowena Cage (they/them). This dynamic Giclee print features vibrant colors and measures 20"x20". Double matted in a sleek black 25’x25’ wooden frame, Sarah Ellen is the perfect piece of timeless artistry for any modern space.

Available for purchase exclusively at the Nebraska Furniture Mart gallery display located at 700 S 72nd St, Omaha, NE 68114 

Included with each print: Certificate of authenticity and The Story of Anna, a short story written by Rowena.

Prints are limited edition and are numbered, titled and signed  at the bottom of each print. 25 prints will be available for purchase.

Printed at local Omaha printing company Photograhics Imaging. 

Framed at local Omaha woman-owned framing shop Malibu Custom Framing.

The Story of Sarah Ellen

Born to a mulatto father, the son of a planter, Sarah Ellen grew up understanding the intricate weavings of race, identity, and resilience. As the vibrant heart of a family of six children, Sarah Ellen's life was a tapestry of warmth and dedication. Her journey as a mother was marked by both joy and tenacity, as she brought eleven children into the world, nurturing and guiding eight of them to the shores of adulthood. Her days were a whirlwind of love, laughter, and the endless tasks of homemaking, her hands weaving the fabric of a home filled with dreams and possibilities.

Sarah Ellen's life was not just confined to the walls of her home. She possessed a soul that yearned to reach out, to touch and heal the world around her. Her commitment to missionary work was a testament to her unwavering faith and boundless compassion. She served as the  president and treasurer of her local Missionary Society and her efforts lit up the lives of countless individuals. Her work was not just an obligation but a calling, a way to spread love and understanding in a world often fraught with division and strife.

As the seasons of her life turned, bringing with them the maturity of her children, Sarah Ellen found more time to devote to her missionary endeavors. She traveled across the country, her presence a gentle yet powerful force for good. Her children, each carving their own paths - one as an artist, another as an accountant - watched in awe as their mother transformed lives, her legacy extending far beyond the confines of their home. It was her artist son who captured her essence not once, but twice, in portraits that spoke volumes of her grace, strength, and the quiet determination that defined her.

Sarah Ellen's life was a testament to the power of nurturing, of standing strong against the winds of change, and of the unspoken strength that lies in devotion and selfless service. In every role she played - mother, homemaker, missionary - Sarah Ellen was a symbol of enduring love and unwavering courage.


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